2271 Sycamore Avenue; Suite C
            Buena Vista, Va. 24416 
email us at: director@shenandoahballet.com
Saturday, February 22nd:

1 to 2PM: Alice down the Rabbit Hole with the White Rabbit (will include review of sisters and Alice too)
2 to 3PM: Cards (Older dancers). Review Flowers with Alice / Knave
3 to 4PM: The Caucus Race and review the Cheshire Cat with Alice
4 to 5PM: The Dutchess' House with the Cook, the Fish and Frog, Alice

Saturday, February 29th: More to be added here ... 
1 to 2PM: The Caterpillar (Young Caterpillar cast, Grace and Alice)
2 to 3PM: Flamingos (Young and Older Cast) 

Rehearsals in Wonderland: