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Nutcracker 2019
This cast list is still in progress. 
Please be aware that I have not cast yet for the Historic Masonic Theatre performance series (meaning outside our studio dancers). Some shifting can, and likely will, take place. 
This cast list is also (as always) subject to change based on:
1. Focus and Attendance in Class 
2. Focus and Attendance in Rehearsals

Dr. and Mrs. Silverhaus: Tim and Courtney Diette
Clara: Emma Grace Hartless / Kayleigh Knick
Fritz: Kalob Slough 
Drosselmeyer: Gabriel Bohling
The Nutcracker: Tina McCann

Drosselmeyer's Elves: Miss Missy's 4s class on Thursdays 
Drosselmeyer's Dolls: 
Harlequin Dolls: Caroline Diette and Angelina Moore 
Ballerina Doll: Emma McDonald
Pirate Dolls: Ethan Koonce and will rotate with: Ellie Baker, Emily McClung and Grace Fure

Party Scene Children: 
Araceli Quintero, Ivy Talley, Reagan Imler, Emma Higgins, Katie McCrone, Avery Diette, Natalie Wallace, McKenzie Durney, Blakely Wardenburg, Ciara Hamilton, Josie Bryant, Kaydee Simpkins, JC Higgins, Emma Grace Hartless / Kayleigh Knick, Micaiah O'Mahony

Party Scene Parents:
All interested Adult Ballet Students

Mouse King: TBA
Mice: Miss Missy's 5s class on Wednesdays ... 
Lily Fix, Macy Hostetter, Sophia Tolley, Karoline Roberts, Anastasia Krystowiak, Hayden Austin
Soldiers: Katie Ann Knepper, Jenna Bryant, Carley Jo Ruley, Gwen Talley
** will add more later ...

Snow Queen: Emma McDonald
Snowflakes: Montana Ayres, Kaelyn Roberts, Grace Fure, Emily McClung, Angelina Moore, Caroline Diette, Aubrey Moore

Act 2: 

Angels: Lily Fix, Macy Hostetter, Sophia tolley, Karoline Roberts, Anastasia Krystowiak, Hayden Austin

Spanish: Ellie Baker with:
Araceli Quintero, Emma Higgins, Avery Diette, Kayleigh Knick / Emma Grace Hartless, MacKenzie Durney, Ivy Talley

Chinese: Kalob Slough with Katie McCrone, Natalie Wallace, Reagan Imler 

Marzipan: Caroline Diette / Angelina Moore and Gabriel Bohling 
with Aubrey Moore, Kaelyn Roberts, Montana Ayres

Arabian: Emily McClung

Russian: Ethan Koonce and Aubrey Moore with 
Karla Hamilton, Susan Alexander, Amy Moore, Rebecca Benefiel, Courtney Diette, Tamara Bohling, Cheri Adkins, Baylee Hostetter

Gingerbread and Candy Canes: Carley Jo Ruley, Katie Ann Knepper, Gwen Talley, Jenna Bryant, JC Higgins, Micaiah O'Mahony, Kaydee Simpkins, Josie Bryant, Blakely Wardenburg, Ciara Hamilton

Dew Drop: Grace Fure 
Flowers: Montana Ayres, Kaelyn Roberts, Emily McClung, Angelina Moore / Caroline Diette, Aubrey Moore, Emma McDonald

Sugar Plum Fairy: Angelina Moore / Caroline Diette
Cavalier (Historic Masonic Theatre): Will Smith of Roanoke Ballet Theatre