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Nutcracker 2018 Cast
Dr. and Mrs. Silverhaus: Tim and Courtney Diette
Clara: Keely Mahaffey / Montana Ayres
Fritz: Kalob Slough / Ethan Koonce
Drosselmeyer: TBA 

Dolls: TBA                                        
The Nutcracker: Tina McCann
Mice and Soldiers: TBA
Mice and Soldiers: TBA
The Mouse King: Gabriel Bohling

The Land of the Snowy Forest:
Snow Queen: Angelina Moore
Snow Queen: Carrie VanOsten 
Demi Soloists: TBA
Emily McClung, Ellie Baker, Emma McDonald, Olivia Williams, Grace Fure, Alexys Tobias, Aubrey Moore, Sydney Mahaffey, Caroline Diette, Lenfest Center for the Performing Arts: Presley Austin, Kaelyn Roberts, Maddie Carte
Masonic Theatre: Three – four dancers will be announced after 9/23/2018

The Sugar Plum Fairy: Michaela Pence, guest artist, Roanoke Ballet Theatre
The Cavalier: Will Smith, guest artist, Roanoke Ballet Theatre

Spanish: Olivia Williams with:
Sydney Mahaffey, Aubrey Moore, Alexys Tobias, Maddie Carte, Presley Austin, Kaelyn Roberts

Arabian: Caroline Diette 
Arabian: Caroline Diette, Angelina Moore and Kathryn Brodie (if available)

Chinese: Ethan Koonce and Keely Mahaffey/ Bryleigh Tobias and Kalob Slough and Montana Ayres with:

Marzipan: Grace Fure, Emily McClung, Ellie Baker

Gabriel Bohling 
Amy Moore, Courtney Diette, Rebecca Benefiel, Tamara Bohling, Maggie Schneider, Caitlyn Childs, Cheri Adkins, Susan Alexander

Waltz of the Flowers:
Dew Drop: Emma McDonald
Flowers: Emily McClung, Ellie Baker, Olivia Williams, Grace Fure, Alexys Tobias, Aubrey Moore, Sydney Mahaffey, Caroline Diette, Angelina Moore, Lenfest Center for the Performing Arts: Maddie Carte, Kaelyn Roberts, Presley Austin
Masonic Theatre: three to four dancers will be announced after 9/23/2018.

Obviously this is not a complete cast list … if your name isn’t here yet, it will be soon. I am still working on things. Don't panic please. Please don’t ask why your name isn’t on here. You know how I work by now! 
Please note that there is some color coding on this list … it is in progress and I’m not finished. I still haven’t auditioned dancers in West Virginia or Covington yet. Therefore, while some casting choices are complete, some are still up in the air. 
Red: Masonic Theatre
Green: Lenfest Center for the Arts
Black: Both 
Remember that attendance, attitude and hard work will determine the final outcome of all of this. As always, if you are missing classes and rehearsals all the time, you can be removed from part(s) that you are not prepared for.