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Cast List .. What I know right now ... 
As always, please refrain from asking me questions right now. I'm still working out details on the ballet's flow and story line. I haven't developed all of the roles / parts that I am creating just yet. This takes time. 
Also keep in mind that your attendance in classes and rehearsals determine how this all plays out! 
.. Stay tuned .. I'm still working!! 

Prologue:  Cinderella at the graves of her parents
Modern dance classes 

Act 1: Cinderella's Home

Cinderella: Michaela Pence, courtesy of Roanoke Ballet Theatre
Cinderella's Ugly Step Sisters: Angelina Moore and Caroline Diette

Dressers to the Step Sisters: Kaydee Simpkins, Blakely Wardenburg, Ciara Hamilton, Analese Mahaffey, Paisley Cole, Faith Ferguson, Eden Camden, Charlotte Iddings, MacKenzie Durney, Aubree Ayers, Harley Ayres, JC Higgins

Cinderella's Step Mother: Tina McCann
The Dancing Master: Ethan Koonce and Gabriel Bohling
The Fairy Godmother: Emma McDonald
The Fairy Godmother's Attendants: Natalie Wallace, Emma Grace Hartless, Kayleigh Knick, Reagan Imler, Araceli Quintero, Emma Higgins, Katie McCrone, Ivy Talley, Holly McKinney, Caroline Watts, Ava Beverly

The Seasons Fairies: (I still need to decide the seasons for each dancer :) 
Spring: Emily McClung 
Summer: Ellie Baker
Autumn: Olivia Williams
Winter: Grace Fure

Mice: Carley Jo Ruley, Brenley Hamm, Gwen Talley, Katie Ann Knepper

Dragonflies: Karoline Roberts, Sophia Tolley, Macy Hostetter, Lily Fix, McKenna Floyd, Anastasia Krystowiak, Jordana Napier, Hayden Austin
Grasshopper: Rypken Tobias

Pumpkins: Eleanor Thurman, Scarlett Gilbert, Ellis Miller, Liberty O'Mahoney, Fraya O'Neal, Aiden Porter, Emery Wardenburg

The Horsemen: Boys Ballet Class 
Soloists (The Seasons Fairies): 
Grace Fure, Emily McClung, Ellie Baker, Olivia Williams
Corps de Ballet:
Kaelyn Roberts, Sydney Mahaffey, Aubrey Moore, Alexys Tobias, Maddie Carte, Presley Austin, Keely Mahaffey, Montana Ayres, Bryleigh Tobias

Act 2: The Ball 
The Jester: Gabriel Bohling
The Prince: Official announcement coming soon ...... !!!! 
Adult Ballet, Maggie Schneider, Bailey Hostetter
The Seasons Fairies
The Fairy Godmother

More will be added here .. 

Act 2, Scene 2: The Prince searches for the owner of the glass slipper 
Chinese: Aubrey Moore, Alexys Tobias, Sydney Mahaffey 
Spanish: TBA

Act 2, Scene 3: Back at the home of Cinderella

Step Sisters
Step Sisters' Dressers
Step Mother
Fairy Godmother
Fairy Godmother's Attendants
Seasons Fairies 
** Possibly More Here **