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Beauty and the Beast

Prologue: The Prince’s Castle
An Old Woman: Melba Jean Porter
An Evil Witch: Tina McCann
The Prince: TBA

Act 1, Scene 1: A Village in the Country 
The Father: Zach Hostetter
Beauty: TBA 
Beauty’s Sisters: Angelina Moore, Caroline Diette, Grace Fure, Emma McDonald, Olivia Williams

Bees and Butterflies: Wednesday's 3s class

Village People: Adult Ballet 

Village children: Keely Mahaffey, Bryleigh Tobias, Emily Carroll, Connetta Southers, Caroline Graham, Madison Hill, Maggie Schneider, Millie Glick 

Act 1, Scene 2: An Enchanted Forest
Snow in the Forest: Miss Holly’s Modern Classes
Ainsley Grawrock, Natalie Wallace, Kayleigh Knick, Keely Mahaffey, Caroline Graham, Ethan Koonce, Caroline Diette, Angelina Moore, Stella Graham, Alexys Tobias, Aubrey Moore, Sydney Mahaffey 

Trees: Adult ballet (all interested teen / adult ballet students welcome to perform as always)

The Wolves: Kalob Slough, LJ Tobias, Jackson Diette, Ethan Koonce

Woodland Fairies: Thursday's Ballet I class

The Rose: TBA
Rose Petals: Kaelyn Roberts, Presley Austin, Montana Ayres, Maddie Carte (possibly a couple more here)
Rose Garden: Aubrey Moore, Addisen Roberts, Alexys Tobias, Maddie Carte, Stella Graham, Sydney Mahaffey, Kaelyn Roberts, Presley Austin, Montana Ayres, 

The Palace staff: Transformed by the Evil Fairy when the Prince is turned to Beast. 
Dressers to Beauty (Miss Missy’s 4s/5s):
Jenna Bryant, Carley Ruley, Brenley Hamm, Kelsie Matheny, Analeigh Burke, Katie Ann Knepper

Tea Cups: Miss Holly’s Tap Classes
Natalie Wallace, Kayleigh Knick, Avery Diette with:
Ella Holstein, Josie Bryant, Charlotte Iddings, Alannah Hunt, Kennedy DuPaix

The Candlesticks:
Gabriel Bohling, Addisen Roberts, Alexys Tobias, Aubrey Moore, Sydney Mahaffey, Stella Graham with 
(Missy Missy’s 5s class:)
Josie Bryant, Faith Ferguson, Cordelia Clark, Paisley Cole, JC Higgins, Ciara Hamilton, Annalese Mahaffey, Gracie Richardson, Alannah Hunt, Kaydee Simpkins, Eden Camden, Micaiah O’Mahoney

Feather Dusters: 
Emma McDonald, Olivia Williams, Grace Fure with
(Miss Missy’s Friday’s Ballet I / II class): 
Caroline Watts, Ava Beverly, Avery Diette, Allison Harlow, Holly McKinney, Kyra Lee

Angelina Moore and Caroline Diette with
(Miss Missy’s Wednesday Ballet I/II class):
Lyla DuPaix, Kayleigh Knick, Natalie Wallace, Ivy Talley, Lucy Schneider, Ainsley Grawrock, Araceli Quintero, Emma Higgins, Emma Grace Hartless, Reagan Imler, Maggie Glick, Katie McCrone

** More scenes after this as we go back and forth to Beauty’s home with her father and sisters. She returns to the castle to save the Beast and ask him to marry her ** 

Act 2, Scene __: Beauty and the Beast / Prince’s Wedding at the Castle

Beauty: TBA
The Prince: TBA
Wedding Guests:

Adult Ballet 

Boys &Girls: TBA

Wedding Waltz:
Soloists: TBA 
Corps de Ballet: TBA 

The Rose will be in this scene as well as Beauty’s Father