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About Shenandoah Ballet
Where did we come from? 

Although the Shenandoah Ballet is a new name, the concept is far from that! In the fall of 1999, Missy Floyd opened the Shenandoah Academy of Dance in Lexington, Va. with the desire to train classical ballet dancers for careers in dance or simply for the enjoyment of dance. Dancers from the academy have been accepted into summer intensives all over the country and have also gone on to major in dance programs during their college years. Adult students of the academy simply rediscovered or, in some cases, discovered for the first time their love of ballet and the art of dance.
In the fall of 2008, facing difficult economic times for the studio, Floyd relocated the academy to Buena Vista, Va. Times got better for the academy and Floyd decided to embark on the setting of the Academy's first full-length story ballet, Cinderella. After seeing that the academy's dancers along with participants from the community and Southern Virginia University could handle the strain of a full-length ballet, Floyd proceeded to challenge them to Rockbridge County's first and only full-length production of the holiday classic, The Nutcracker. The following spring, the Academy once again proved its strength by accepting the challenge of Floyd's production of The Sleeping Beauty. After moving the studio one last time in the fall of 2011, the academy continued the holiday tradition by producing its second annual production of The Nutcracker. In the spring of 2012, the academy, with the honor of being named the Second Best Performing Arts Venue in the Shenandoah Valley by Virginia Living Magazine, again came to the stage with a full-length production of the comedy classic Coppelia.
In the fall of 2012, the holiday tradition continued with The Nutcracker and with that, the birth of the Shenandoah Ballet. 

What have we accomplished ...  

With the founding of the Shenandoah Ballet, Floyd choreographed an exciting Alice in Wonderland for its first performance as a formed ballet company. A huge undertaking in many ways but the ballet was well received and very successful! 
After producing the company's fourth annual production of The Nutcracker, Floyd decided to take a trip down Shakespeare alley with a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Another adventurous "dream" completed so we headed back into Nutcracker season. Actually, our full-length Nutcracker turned five years wonderful that year!! Even though December comes first, we were forward thinking to Spring 2015 ... 
After six successful seasons of full-length productions of The Nutcracker, it was time to venture down the Yellow Brick Road! We headed into Oz in May 2015 and completed yet another chapter in our giant storybook! With a score compiled by Floyd, Dorothy and her friends, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion came to life! A nostalgic journey for audiences and a pinnacle moment for the company as it bid three of its leading dancers .. we won't say farewell because that would not actually be true .. so we will leave it at .. see you soon! 
After a Nutcracker in January 2016 .. we turned our focus to the story of Hansel and Gretel. After a quick turn around time for this ballet's rehearsal season, we closed the curtain on yet another original ballet for our history book. Hansel and Gretel was a delightful success! 
Closing the curtain on yet another successful season of The Nutcracker (which in 2016 included 10 performances of the beloved Christmas delight ... four in January and six in December including two different venues ..), we took a look at life under the sea. The Little Mermaid proved to be a Shenandoah Ballet favorite among dancers, audiences and yes, even the artistic director! Based on the fairy originally published by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837, this ballet proved to tug on the emotions of many. 
As our story goes, we rolled into Nutcracker 2017 again dancing to enthralled audiences in two different venues over two back to back weekends! But we quickly moved forward to our next premiere production of Beauty and the Beast. And again, another moment where our heart strings were pulled hard ... we are losing another member of the dream team. But not totally .. she will return .. just as the other members of Floyd's team of inspiration! 

Where are we now? 
Nutcracker 2017 and Beauty and the Beast 2018 are in the books ... 
We have closed a very emotionally charged and highly successful season of dance with our annual Nutcracker performances (six to be exact) and a wonderous return to the stage this past May with our first ever retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Before we close out this chapter in our history, our thoughts turn toward our upcoming season when we resume our Nutcracker magic to area theatres and turn our sights on to a totally reconstructed version of an original full length ballet, Cinderella .... 

Continuing the Tradition .... 
Stay tuned for details on where we will head next ... 

Original artwork by Carrie VanOsten
Original artwork by Carrie VanOsten
Original artwork by Yelena Billias
Original artwork by Yelena Billias